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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Banco Santander Puerto Rico have offices in other states?

The bank does not have any offices in other states. Locations with Banco Santander Puerto Rico offices are shown on the map below. You can also scroll down the page for a full list of all Banco Santander Puerto Rico Puerto Rico branch locations with addresses, hours, and phone numbers information.

What should you never do in Santander Online Banking?

Not even a Santander employee. Never download software or let anyone remotely log on to your computer or devices, either during or after a cold call. Never enter your Online Banking details after clicking on a link in an email or text message. Never transfer or withdraw money out of your account if you’re instructed to do so for security reasons.

What's new at Banco Santander for commercial customers?

Learn about the latest on the integration process for Banco Santander deposit accounts commercial customers. Earn more opportunities to win for every $1 in purchases made with your Beyond credit card. If you have a PPP Loan of $50,000 or more, the application that exempts you from penalties due to employee reduction is now available.

When does FirstBank integrate with Santander Express?

Integration day to FirstBank. If you have a Santander Express Mastercard, you may continue using it after July 12. If you received a new Visa debit card, activate it today! Corporate Customer: you’ll be able to use Business Digital Banking.

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