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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Santander Bank have an app for the US?

Santander Bank US on the App Store Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. • Enroll in Mobile and Online Banking through your app. • Manage cards: activate debit and credit cards, create or change your card PIN, report lost or stolen cards, and order replacements.

How do I contact Santander business online banking?

Call Santander's Business Customer Service center at 877.768.1145 or visit a Santander branch. Will I be able to transact immediately upon enrolling in Business Online Banking?

How do I find Santander US?

You’ve arrived at If you’re looking for online banking, visit Our purpose is to help people and businesses across the U.S. prosper.

How do I get my organization id from Santander Bank?

Contact our Business Customer Service Center at 877.768.1145 if you do not receive your login information. The first email you receive from Santander Bank will include your Organization ID and your User ID.

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