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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Santander a good bank?

Santander is a good, reputable bank in my opinion, despite the distinct lack of customer service from time to time. they have dealt with the Santander refund refund difficulties well though in comparison to other companies such as Lloyds.

How can I check my bank statement online?

To view your bank statements online simply log into Online Banking at (opens in a new window). On the 'Account summary' page you can view your mini statement by clicking on your account.

Is Santander Bank Open?

Typically during the weekdays, Santander Bank hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM on Monday through Thursday. Typically on Friday, Santander Bank is open during its regular time at 9 AM and will close an hour later (6 PM), giving customers extra time to prepare their finances for the weekends.

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