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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Santos natural gas get its name?

In 2019 we celebrated 65 years of being a safe and sustainable Australian energy company and 50 years of natural gas supply to South Australia. Our name comes from an acronym of South Australia Northern Territory Oil Search.

Where are Santos Oil and gas assets located?

With origins in the Cooper Basin, Santos has one of the largest exploration and production acreages in Australia and extensive infrastructure. Our strategy is centred on five core, long-life natural gas and LNG assets.

What are the goals of Santos energy company?

We aspire to create sustainable futures for the communities where we live and work, through investing in strong local partnerships. We aspire to be a world-leading clean fuels company, improving air quality and reducing emissions to net-zero by 2040. Santos (STO) share price data from the ASX.

When did Santos start producing gas in Australia?

As a result of these discoveries, Santos had a commercially viable quantity of gas and entered into gas sales agreements with the South Australian Gas Company, the Electricity Trust of South Australia and the Australian Gas Light Company. Gas supplies commenced in 1969.

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