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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is Santos Finance Ltd?

Santos Finance Ltd operates as an oil and gas company. The Company focuses on exploration and production of oil and natural gas resources. Santos Finance serves clients in Australia. NO. OF EMPLOYEES

What makes Santos a good company to own?

Santos is focused on delivering sustainable shareholder value by becoming a low-cost, reliable and high-performance business with the financial flexibility to build and grow the business through the oil price cycle.

Why is Santos gas company important to Australia?

Australian gas giant Santos has acknowledged the world wants to see a faster transition away from fossil fuels amid historic climate pressure. Australia’s richlisters are backing a tiny gas company in the Northern Territory that has ambitions to redefine the energy market.

What are the results of Santos for 2020?

Santos has released its fourth annual Climate Change Report. Santos has released its 2020 Full-year Results, reporting both record EBITDAX and free cash flow. We aspire to create sustainable futures for the communities where we live and work, through investing in strong local partnerships.

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