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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of the Sausage Software?

Sausage Software was an Australian software company, founded by entrepreneur Steve Outtrim, which produced one of the world's most successful web editors: the HotDog web authoring tool.

What kind of server does Sausage Software use?

A Java Electronic Commerce Server (JECS), a generalized middleware layer serving Java Applets with database data on request via an XML -like request/response protocol. Their website was one of the most popular at the time, receiving 250,000 hits per day in 1996. ^ "Sausage Software Copyright Information".

What was Sausage Software worth before the dot com crash?

Sausage Software — known since 2000 as SMS Management & Technology — was one of the brightest burning Aussie dot coms in the turn-of-the-century tech boom. At its peak, just before the dot com crash in April 2000, Sausage shares hit $40, briefly valuing the company at close to $1 billion. A year later the stock had fallen to $1.80.

When did Sausage Software merge with solution 6?

The April 2000 dot com crash scuttled a $1.6 billion takeover offer by another dot com darling, accounting software maker Solution 6. Sausage later merged with SMS in a $220 million deal.

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