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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average temperature in Savannah Georgia?

Average Temperatures in Savannah, Georgia, Usa The mean temperature in Savannah, Georgia, Usa is somewhat warm at 19.1 degrees Celsius (66.4 degrees Fahrenheit). The range of mean monthly temperatures is 18.3 °C (32.9°F) which is a slightly low range. The range/ variation of daily mean temperatures is 11.4 °C (20.5 °F).

What type of climate does Savannah Georgia have?

Savannah's climate is classified as humid subtropical (Köppen Cfa). In the Deep South, this is characterized by long and almost tropical summers and short, mild winters. Savannah records few days of freezing temperatures each year (and has rare snowfall).

What is the winter weather in Savannah GA?

Winter weather in Savannah is variable, though rarely extremely cold. Snow is a rarity. It can be cool, damp and overcast but there are also often periods when the weather is sunny and unseasonably warm.

Is Savannah Georgia above sea level?

Savannah, GA is situated at 32.08° North latitude, 81.1° West longitude and 1 meter elevation above the sea level. Savannah, GA is a big town in United States, having about 131,510 inhabitants.

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