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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you report a fraudulent phone call to at & T?

She received a fraudulent email, and called the number on her previous phone bills to report it. The legitimate employee who answered said that yes that email was a fraud, but that AT&T's own help center could perfoirm the same "cleanup" service that the email offered.

What to do if you get a call from at & T?

Request that you verify personal data (such as your Social Security number). Request that you visit a website that appears to be affiliated with AT&T or another company. Use an automated voice instructing you to return their call. Instruct you to return their call at a different phone number than the one shown by Caller ID.

How much does it cost to CALL ATT Tech?

Someone has been harrassing us EVERY day saying they are ATT Com Tech & our computer is in great distress & he immediately needs to get into my computer & fix it, & it costs between $295-$596!!! WHO do I notify about this?The numbers that keep calling me are 916-304-8269, 646-820-3923, 646-193-7723, & 1-877-303-2243.

How does at & T digital phone call protect work?

Wireless customers can take more control over unwanted calls on HD voice-enabled iOS and Android smartphones with AT&T Call Protect. Digital Phone Call Protect offers you more control than ever over unwanted calls. Visit the Phone Portal to access:

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