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Frequently Asked Questions

How to report fraud on the EDD website?

The EDD is very grateful for the public's partnership in fighting fraud and protecting the UI program for California workers in need. You can learn more about fraud and how to report suspicious activity on the Fraud and Penalties: What you Need to Know page of the EDD website.

How does the EdD deal with unemployment fraud?

At the EDD, we are dedicated to combatting fraudulent activity and protecting benefits for legitimate California workers in need. We are continuing to strengthen our fraud detection methods and apply them to new and existing claims to further reduce the benefits fraud that has plagued unemployment systems across the country.

What to do if you get a fake Edd letter?

EDD said people should return the errant mail to its fraud department, but that information was buried in a press release, and buried on its website. Moreover, the fraud address is complex, and some said, it's a burden to ask residents to write it on every envelope especially when they are receiving stacks of them.

Are there any EDD claims that have not been paid?

The EDD is reviewing the other 315,000 claims that have not received a payment. A number of methods continue to be used to expedite the validation of identities associated with these claims and ensure payments continue for legitimate claimants only.

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