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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free way to look up a phone number?

Unsolicited calls can be made to anyone, including you, because we all share our phone numbers with various services, stores and companies whose databases can be hacked, stolen or even sold. So, if you want to find a phone number and check who called you, feel free to use our free reverse phone lookup in the USA.

How can I find out if a call is good or bad?

Just enter the number into the search box and press “Enter”. You will get the basic info about the caller - his or her mobile network provider, area code of the number, etc. Usually even a little information is enough to decide if it was a good or bad call.

Is there a free reverse phone number lookup service?

With our free phone number lookup service, you can find as many numbers as you need. What’s more, you will see that the same scammers call many other people too - there will be other users’ comments and rankings under certain numbers. Of course, you can leave comments too.

What to do if you get a spam call?

Have the community give you an assessment of the credibility of a missed phone call. Check the unknown phone number quickly and easily. As part of our community, join other users in taking action against unwanted spam callers. More than 2.1 Mio. spam reports have already been shared in the community.

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