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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this NYC modeling agency represent male models?

This NYC agency represents male models, as well. Model (and New York native) Layla Sharifi chose Fenton because of its community-minded approach. “The agency itself is small, which makes it easy to contact an agent,” Sharifi told Backstage.

What to do if a modeling agency takes your money?

If a modeling agency or program has taken your money and didn’t deliver on its promises, report it to the FTC at

Are modelling assignments worth it?

Modeling assignments can be irregular even for successful models. There are never any guarantees. And depending on where you live, the market for those types of jobs may be very small. They promise big salaries. Just like modeling assignments, what models can earn is also extremely irregular.

What happened to the $500 modeling company?

Having a contract in hand and not understanding how the modeling industry worked, the small-town would-be models sent in their $500. Once the checks were cashed, the scam company vanished. The commercial, contracts, airline vouchers, and guarantees were all bogus.

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