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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a scamp camper for sale?

2017 Scamp Trailers Scamp 13 LAYOUT 2 STANDARD 13ft Camper For Sale. Price 14500 2017 Scamp Trailers Scamp 13 layout 2 Standard. Price 14500. Location Marietta Good price! 1991 Scamp Trailers 190C. Price 2700. Location Las Vegas Good price! 1991 Scamp Trailers Scamp 190C 19ft Camper For Sale. Price 2700

How big is a scamp travel camper trailer?

Light Fiberglass Camper Trailer w Scamp trailer 1983 - 19 foot camper Fiberglas trailer can be Camper For Sale. Price 12999 2006 Scamp Travel Camper Trailer Camper For Sale.

What's the price of a 1987 Scamp camper?

1987 Scamp 1987 Scamp 13ft Scamp Travel Trailer *Fully Refurb Camper For Sale. Price 2020 Good price! 1983 Scamp Scamp 0ft Camper For Sale. Price 3500 Good price! 1977 Scamp Scamp 13 13ft Camper For Sale. Price 14000 2012 Scamp Scamp SCAMP-19 Camper For Sale. Price 18000 Good price! 1977 Scamp Trailer -Restoration Dream Camper For Sale. Price 1200

What kind of RV is a scamp 19?

Scamps feature fiberglass construction, are lightweight, and our model includes many special options, such as the 4.6 cubic refrigerator and a gas and electric water heater. Call for a complete description. 2005 Scamp 19, Used Scamp 5th wheel, sleeps 4, roof a/c, 2 burner stove, mini fridge. 2013 Scamp 19 Deluxe for sale.

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