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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a 1983 Scamp camper trailer?

1983 16ft Scamp Trailer, Camper is 16 ft long, INCLUDING the hitch, living space is only 13 feet so it's a small one, but with lots of room. This little cutie is fiberglass and has new interior, fresh from Scamp.

Is the Scamp 13 a good travel trailer?

Thousands of Scamp Owners have logged millions of miles in the ever-popular Scamp 13 foot travel trailer. If you like the idea of a small, lightweight trailer without the inconvenient setup, then our Scamp 13′ camper is the perfect trailer for you. Compact and affordable, the Scamp 13 foot rv is great for couples or small families.

How much does a 16'Scamp trailer cost?

Tons of storage for a 16' trailer!! We checked all rivets and replaced loose ones with butyl and new rivets and factory snaps and caps. It is a 30 Amp trailer, but can run on 15 AMP ( from household plug-in with either air or microwave on) CLEAN, DRY AND COOL $11,900.00 7707252376

Which is longer Scamp 13 or Scamp 16?

The Scamp 16′ is three feet longer than the Scamp 13′ and full of possibilities. (click on floor plans for larger view)

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