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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Skamper Kampers Dingo cost?

When we saw the Dingo forward-fold camper trailer from Skamper Kampers, we have to admit to being impressed at the levels of standard inclusions offered for quite a reasonable price tag. We’re talking under $20,000 for a well-optioned forward-folding camper.

How much does a scamp travel camper cost?

1992 Scamp 13' Travel Trailer Camper For Sale. Price 2100 13' Scamp Travel Trailer - Camper For Sale. Price 10000 $8,500 Pristine original 1975 Scamp 13' trailer (Carroll OH) Camper For Sale. Price 8500 Good price! 1991 Scamp Trailers Tent 190C.

How big is a dingo pup camper trailer?

Camper trailers are storage critical and the Dingo Pup assists with 6 x Storage Areas, rear pole box, 2 x Jerry Can Holders and 2 x 4kg Gas Holders One area where campers have come a long way is their electrical systems and the Dingo Pup is no exception.

Is the Skamper Kampers camper trailer off road?

We purchased the Dingo without doing enough homework. The concept of the Dingo and alike is they are “off road” capable and this true. The important aspect however that trumps this feature is the not considering the off grid capabilities and the sheer practicality of the camper trailer.

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