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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the American version of Scamper the Penguin?

The American "Scamper the Penguin" version is heavily cut for violence, changes the names of the characters, and replaces the original musical score with one by 'Bullets'. Music by Bullets. A lot of good childhood memories. I must have watched this movie half a million times as a kid. I went through various stages of loving and hating it.

When did the adventures of Lolo the Penguin come out?

The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin is an animated film from 1986, originally released as a three-part serial. Its original title and literal translation is The Adventures of Small Penguin Lolo. The film was a co-production between Japan and the Soviet Union.

What was the name of the movie about a penguin?

Film vtoroy About entertaining adventures of penguin Lolo, about the nature and fauna of Antarctica.

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