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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of setting the scene?

n. 1. Something seen by a viewer; a view or prospect. 2. The place where an action or event occurs: the scene of the crime. 3. The place in which the action of a play, movie, novel, or other narrative occurs; a setting. 4.

What does scene mean in the Cambridge English Dictionary?

A knife was found at the scene of the crime. The car had been abandoned two kilometres away from the scene of the robbery. Rap music arrived /came/ appeared on the scene in the early 1980s. informal I'd rather go to a jazz concert - I'm afraid opera isn't really my scene (= is not the type of thing I like).

Which is the best definition of a scene of a crime?

The scene of an accident or crime is the place where it happened. They were only a few miles from the scene of the crime. You can describe something as a scene of a particular kind when you are giving your impression of the things that are happening there at a particular time.

Which is an example of a scene in a movie?

Recent Examples on the Web Thompson rushed to the scene, and then to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, where doctors told her Marcellus had been shot in the head and had a serious brain injury.

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