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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scene75 Gold Membership?

For only $29, you can purchase a SCENE75 GOLD MEMBERSHIP CARD that will grant you $10 in FREE play EVERY DAY you visit us for an entire year. With our typically being open 5 days a week plus holidays/school breaks (note, we are weekends only at the start), this is like receiving up to $2,700 in FREE play for only $29!

Is there a minimum amount to place on the scene 75 card?

Is there a minimum amount of money you have to place on the scene 75 card? Hello Anthony! Thank you for your inquiry. No sir. There is no minimum amount. You can put as little or as much as you desire onto the game card and then use toward our games and attractions. Pricing for each attraction is listed on our website… more

How many activities does the $50 card cover?

That covers 5 different activities and 1 hour of arcade. For the one hour arcade you cannot use any machine that can earn tickets. I ended up buying a $50 card that you earned a $5.00 bonus (the bonus is only for arcade). The $50 card lets you swipe for any activity be it the mini bowling, laser tag, etc.

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