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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scene75 Entertainment Center?

Scene75 Entertainment Center is the largest indoor entertainment center in the country!

How much does Scene75 cost?

With no admission charge or parking fee, Scene75 allows you to customize your fun anytime you want. Whether you have hours to indulge in all of our attractions, or just have time to drop-in for an hour to kick kids’ boredom–your fun is up to you.

What is scenescene75 Columbus?

Scene75 Columbus is THE largest indoor entertainment center in the country with 200+ arcade games, 3 bars, a magic themed restaurant and 18 different attractions!

What's new at Scene75 Dayton?

Say hello to the new and improved, Scene75 Dayton! In 2020 we added an additional 40,000 square feet of fun for a grand total of 160,000 square feet indoor amusement park thrills. As the largest indoor entertainment centers in the nation, we are the perfect place for fun for groups and families in Dayton.

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