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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scene Kid?

Early usages of scene kid predate the scene subculture and appeared in reference to music genres, raves, and other activities around the late 1990s. In this context, a scene is a kind of community.

What is a scene in music?

In this context, a scene is a kind of community. It’s the setting or milieu of a specific activity or group. The hardcore scene would refer to a group of people who enjoy the hardcore genre of music and who might discuss it with one another. A scene might also include the physical venues for such activities.

What is the meaning of the song scene Kid by Eminem?

The song’s lyrics talk about how the singer was “accused of being a scene kid.” The singer also makes reference to scene kids at the beginning of the song, along with other references relevant to that time period. As a subculture, scene was oriented around music and fashion.

What's the difference between an emo kid and a scenester?

But as a rule, the emo kids were a lot more brooding and wore way more black, whereas scenesters were excitable little rainbows who weren't even necessarily into the same music, let alone wardrobe choices. They also repped a lot of cartoon imagery.

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