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Frequently Asked Questions

What does scenary mean?

Definition of scenary. 1 obsolete : the disposition of the scenes in which the action (as of a play or poem) is laid.

What does sceneries mean?

scenery(Noun) View, natural features, landscape. scenery(Noun) Stage backdrops, property and other items on a stage that give the impression of the location of the scene.

What is the opposite of scenery?

Antonyms for scenes include nowheres, nonevents, anticlimaxes, nothings, calms, composure, calmness, placidity, collectedness and patience. Find more opposite words ...

What is the adjective for scenery?

scenery. Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb scene which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. scenic. having beautiful scenery; picturesque. Synonyms: picturesque, charming, pretty, striking, beautiful, attractive, pleasing, panoramic, breathtaking, grand, impressive, lovely, spectacular, dramatic, easy on the eye, pretty as a picture, quaint, pleasant, romantic, twee, chocolate-box, appealing, interesting, delightful, splendid, stunning

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