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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scene?

Kids Definition of scene 1 : a division of an act in a play 2 : a single interesting or important happening in a play or story a fight scene 3 : the place of an event or action the scene of a crime

Why are movie scenes from cinematic movies so beautiful?

These movie scenes from cinematic movies will show you that every film still can be as gorgeous as a painting or a stunning photo. The amount of creative work that goes into creating excellent cinematography is mind-boggling; it's no wonder that there's so much money in Hollywood.

What is getscenes?

Get Scenes! Our professionally designed toolkit contains an ever growing library of illustrations for your stories. The Scenes Basic Set includes generic illustrations that can be easily adapted to a wide variety of use-cases. The Scenes add-ons are small sets with few additional illustrations focusing on a certain topic or industry.

What is the meaning of scenery in drama?

a unit of action or a segment of a story in a play, motion picture, or television show. the place in which the action of a play or part of a play is supposed to occur. scenery (def 2). Literature. an episode, situation, or the like, as in a narrative.

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