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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Scentre Group in Australia?

Scentre Group owns and operates the pre-eminent portfolio of living centres in Australia and New Zealand Scentre Group owns and operates the pre-eminent living centre portfolio in Australia and New Zealand with retail real estate assets under management valued at $50 billion and shopping centre ownership interests valued at $34.1 billion.

How many retail outlets does Scentre Group own?

Scentre Group continually improves the quality of its portfolio through acquisitions and future development pipeline in excess of $3 billion. 42 Centres >12,000 RETAIL OUTLETS

What is the strategy of the Scentre Group?

Scentre Group’s strategy is to own interests in the highest quality regional living centres in its markets and to invest in these assets through redevelopment opportunities, ensuring that the Group's shopping centres enrich communities by providing extraordinary retail places.

How big of a portfolio does Scentre Group have?

Scentre Group has interests in, and operates, Australia and New Zealand’s largest Westfield Living Centre portfolio. This high-quality portfolio of 42 centres is valued at $50 billion and has over 12,000 retailers in more than 3.8 million square metres of retail space.

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