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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Ministry of Education scholarships in Kenya?

The Ministry of Education scholarships in Kenya are available for those that want to pursue a degree, Masters, or Ph.D. program. The Ministry of Education scholarships in Kenya offer an excellent way of affording college or university and decreasing student debt.

Are there any Hungarian government scholarships in Kenya?

The Hungarian government is providing fully sponsored scholarships for students that want to pursue bachelor’s degree programmes in Hungarian universities. As one of the multiple scholarships in Kenya for undergraduates, it is open for those that want to study science degrees. The programme is available annually and covers:

Are there any scholarships for Law School in Kenya?

Kenya Undergraduate Scholarships. Kenya University Chancellor’s Scholarship. Kenyatta University OVS Scholarship. Law School Essay Writing Competition. Law School Scholarships for Kenya. Mount Kenya University Scholarships Opportunity. MPESA Foundation Academy & Scholarships . MSc Nuclear Science Scholarships, University of Nairobi Kenya

Are there any scholarships for international students in Japan?

International Students Nationalities specified by MEXT. Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Awards, Japan 2022-23 is open at The University of Tokyo. This is a Fully Funded PhD, Masters scholarship to study All Subjects programmes. Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, 2022-23 is open at Hong Kong Universities.

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