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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any college scholarships in New Jersey?

The American Legion Press Club of New Jersey makes available on an annual basis, a $500 cash scholarship to a student entering his or her freshman year in an accredited four year college.

How much is a music scholarship in New Jersey?

Students from the Tri-State area who plan to major in music are eligible for an award of $1,000 or one $5,000 award ($2,500 per year over 2 years).

Who is the founder of the New Jersey scholarship fund?

The first contribution to the fund in 1930 was $5,000 given by Farnham Yardley in memory of his mother, the first NJSFWC President Margaret Yardley. NJSFWC has been able to award between six ... and eight $1,000 fellowship grants to deserving women annually.

Is there a Builders League of South Jersey scholarship?

The Builders League of South Jersey Scholarship Foundation has announced that scholarships are available for area students for the school year.

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