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Frequently Asked Questions

What resources are available for single mothers?

Help for paying utilities, rent assistance, health care and medical bills, food, and other financial aid are the type of resources made available. Food Pantries and Banks. Single moms are able to receive food and financial aid at a county level or they can also turn to a food bank in their area.

How do I apply for a single mother Grant?

The first step to apply for any academic grants for single mothers is to fill out the FAFSA. This goes for both needs based and non-financial grants for educational purposes. Students can find the FAFSA online or through their college financial aid office.

Is scholarships for moms legitimate?

Scholarships can provide a means of making college (or some sort of education) more affordable — even possible — for single moms. Unless you land a real lucrative scholarship though, most scholarship programs will only provide you with SOME of the money needed to go to school.

Where can you find scholarships?

There are many ways to seek scholarships. You can go to your local library and peruse mammoth directories and library files that list thousands of private scholarships, or you can search scholarship websites online.

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