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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the School of dragons free to play?

PLEASE NOTE: School of Dragons is completely free to play, but offers game content, customization options, and items for purchase with real money. If you choose not to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases through your device’s settings.

What do you do in the School of Dragons app?

Play with your friends and explore mysterious worlds in this action-packed learning experience! Rescue, hatch, and train Dreamworks Dragons, defend New Berk and the Hidden World, and battle Grimmel and Stormheart in the ultimate dragon adventure!

How to play dragon tactics in School of Dragons?

• Play Dragon Tactics, our dragon-squad strategy game, and defeat enemies for loot and prizes For more information, view our current privacy policy ( and terms of use (

How many dragons are there in School of Dragons?

• Train, fly, and customize over 60 of your favorite Dreamworks Dragons from the movies including Toothless, Light Fury, Stormfly and Deathgrippers. • Customize your dragons with thousands of colors and skins, so no 2 dragons look alike!

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