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Frequently Asked Questions

How to transfer funds between SchoolsFirst FCU accounts?

Between your SchoolsFirst FCU accounts. To and from any of your external accounts. To other SchoolsFirst FCU Members. Make payments on SchoolsFirst FCU Credit Cards and Loans. Transfer external Credit Card balances. Contribute to your IRA. Add-on to, or make transfers from, your Share Certificate (CD). Manage your Overdraft Protection.

Is the SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union on Yelp?

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union has 4 stars. What days are SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union open? SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union is a Yelp advertiser.

Which is the best CD at SchoolsFirst FCU?

The best one is the 5-year Jumbo CD which has a 3.35% APY as of 4/21/2010. This requires a $100K minimum deposit. According to the account disclosure, the early withdrawal penalty for terms of 18 months or... SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union continues to offer a promotional 30-month add-on CD with a 2.50% APY.

Is there a health savings account with SchoolsFirst?

SchoolsFirst does not even offer something as basic as a Health Savings Account after all these years (had to go elsewhere). Nor do they offer small business accounts. If you can join SchoolsFirst, you might want to join them just to do so.

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