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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the school first credit union a bank?

School first is not a bank that helps you. Only when it's a win for them. Screw you assholes. Noe, we are truly sorry to have disappointed you. We would like to opportunity to learn more about your experience, please message us with your contact information so we may reach out to you.

Who are eligible for SchoolsFirst federal credit union membership?

SchoolsFirst FCU Membership is open to employees and retirees of eligible public and private schools, community colleges, universities, school districts and…… Hello! Does this location have an accessible ATM that is opened later than 3:00 on Saturday's? Yes. There is an outside atm accessible 24/7

Who is the supervisor at Downey credit union?

When you have a moment, please call us at 800.462.8328, and ask for Candice B., our Downey Branch Supervisor. We appreciate your Membership and look forward to speaking with you soon. It's always nerve-racking going to the bank to ask for money... even though that's what the bank is for.

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