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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between sci-fi and fantasy?

The difference between sci-fi and fantasy is a much-debated subject. One common dividing line, however, is that science fiction is about scientific and technological advancements that could reasonably occur in the future, while fantasy exists only in the realm of imagination.

What are the different types of fantasy fiction?

There are a few essential subgenres of fantasy: High or epic fantasy. Set in a magical environment that has its own rules and physical laws, this subgenre's plots and themes have a grand scale and typically center on ... Low fantasy. ... Magical realism. ... Sword and sorcery. ... Dark fantasy. ... Fables. ... Fairy tales. ... Superhero fiction. ...

What is the difference between speculative and science fiction?

Speculative fiction is an alternate term for the literary genre known as science fiction. Science fiction is any work of fiction in which the plot involves imagined advances in science and technology and their effects on human life and society. Science fiction became a massively popular subset of literature, film, and television in the 20th century.

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