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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of case do I need for a spotting scope?

The Kowa custom-fit, view-through case is padded and water-resistant to keep the straight 66mm Kowa scopes protected from the elements. The Kowa TSN-HD Hand Strap gives you the ability to operate your spotting scope with just one hand, providing stable grip that eliminates the hassle of trying to free-handedly stabilize your scope whi ...

What are the cases for Kowa spotting scopes?

The Kowa C-881 Fitted Scope Case is a nylon stay-on case designed to protect a Kowa TSN-881 and TSN-883 88mm 45° angled spotting scope. Your scope (s) can still be used without being removed from the c ... The Kowa C-882 Fitted Scope Case is a nylon stay-on case designed to protect a Kowa TSN-882 and TSN-884 88mm straight spotting scope.

Do you need a case for a Nikon spotting lens?

Whether you want a digiscoping lens from Nikon, a new case from Vortex, or a mount from Kowa, we've got exactly what you need at low prices you'll love. Some Spotting Scope Accessories are intended to keep your scope safe, such as spotting scope covers.

Are there protective cases for ATM spotting scopes?

The Swarovski Protective Cases for ATM and ATS 65 Spotting Scopes are an excellent way to keep your spotting scope well protected while in storage, in transit or in the fie ...

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