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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between project scope and scope management plan?

Project scope statement describes the scope of a project at a very high level. Scope Management plan will guide on preparing a detailed project scope statement. Scope Management Plan includes processes that enable the creation of WBS.

How much of the project scope should the scope statement include?

The project scope statement tries to encompass the full scope of the project in a paragraph or two. It’s not a requirement to define 100% of the project scope in the scope statement.

Why do you need scope and requirements management plans?

Instead, the Scope and Requirements Management Plans help give a project teama good, solid foundation on which to do their work. No project is ever conflict-free, but hopefully you can see how good planning can help make a lot of unnecessary problems just go away.

What is the difference between a project charter and scope statement?

The project charter and scope statement can seem like one and the same sometimes. They are both usually contained early in the project management plan, and they both itemize the scope of the project to some extent. So what’s the difference? Well, they have a slight difference in purpose.

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