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Frequently Asked Questions

What does scope of practice stand for?

A scope of practice, as defined by the American Nursing Association (ANA), refers to the services that a qualified health professional is both deemed competent to perform and permitted to undertake.

Who determines scope of practice?

The scope of practice sets out the procedures, actions and processes that the registered or licensed professional is allowed to perform. The individual practitioner’s scope of practice is determined by a range of factors that gives them the authority to perform a particular role or task.

What is the definition of scope of practice?

Scope of practice is the definition provided in law that delineates what the profession does and places limits upon (or confines the breadth of functions) that persons within a profession may lawfully perform. It is basically the license that we obtain, such as LCSW or LMFT, together with what that license allows us to do.

What is the abbreviation for scope of practice?

How is Scope of Practice (EMS) abbreviated? SOP stands for Scope of Practice (EMS). SOP is defined as Scope of Practice (EMS) frequently.

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