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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best scope bases for the Springfield M1A rifle?

Springfield Armory scope bases and rings are a great solution to expand the functionality of your Springfield M1A rifle model. These scope bases install easily to your firearm and gives you the capability to mount scopes for more precise shooting. The rail systems and rings are lightweight, rugged, and versatile to meet all your shooting needs.

Can You mount a red dot scope on a M1A?

For CQB applications, you can use this section to mount a red dot for quick target acquisition that also allows you to co-witness the iron sights. There are a few scope offerings with extended eye relief that can be used for the Scout model M1A.

What is the best M14 mount for my M1A?

Aim Sports M14/M1A Side Scope Mount m1402 - an ultra-sleek, lightweight upgrade for your M1A rifle. I highly recommend this Sadlak M14 Mount over any other type. I highly recommend this Sadlak M1A scope mount over any other type. A little more expensive, but works as advertised.

What is the best scope mount to buy?

It is highly advised to get your solid scope mount and be sure that you can rely on your equipment with a hundred percent certainty, no matter the situation. Arms 18 Mount - Has maintained its reputation as being the best Scope Mount. Sadlak M1A Steel Scope Mount - milling to original USGI specifications.

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