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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I put down Scotts Winterguard?

Fertilize six to eight weeks after your summer application, usually between September and November, to offer the most benefit to the lawn. It's best to fertilize right before winter starts. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food offers strength and protection for the lawn and helps to ensure lush spring growth.

When to use Scotts Winterizer?

The term "winterizer" has been used to promote various fall lawn applications on Northern grasses for some 30 years. It has been used by many to sell all sorts of fertilizer blends for applications timed from early late August through late November.

When to apply Scotts fertilizer to a lawn?

When to Apply Scotts Fertilizer to a Lawn. Kick off the growing season with a fertilizer application to feed that hungry grass. Get it on the schedule for sometime between February and April, right around the time the grass starts turning green, growing and needing to be mowed.

When to water grass after using Scotts Turf Builder?

Scotts Turf Builder for New Lawns should be lightly watered in immediately after application. If the product contains herbicide for crabgrass prevention, it may be applied to a dry lawn, but it should be watered in if rain isn't likely to fall within the next two or three days.

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