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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a scuba certification?

The first step to becoming a scuba diver and earning your certification card is to find a dive shop near you (browsing the internet is a good place to start) and ask them about signing up for a course. The beginner course needed for certification is an Open Water scuba diving course.

How much to get scuba certified?

However, the certification isn't free, but it comes at a cost. The price of a scuba certificate depends on some factors, such as age group, location, and accessibility to open waters. You might have to spend between $500 to $600 to get this certificate.

How long is scuba certification good for?

A typical scuba certification course requires four weeks of study, two days per week. One day per week will be classroom study, while the other will be pool work. Once all scuba instruction and written tests have been completed, the scuba dive students will go for their open water check out dives.

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