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Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase retail sales this festive season?

10 Simple Ways to Increase Retail Sales Create Your Own Holiday. Most retailers only celebrate the national holidays like July 4th or Christmas. ... Advertise More. ... Generate a Buzz. ... Examine Your Pricing Strategy. ... Design Store for Sales. ... Connect With the Customer. ... Be Social. ... Manage Your Money. ... Create an Event. ... Move Outdoors. ...

What is seasonal trading?

The idea behind seasonality trading is to find specific times of year when a stock consistently trends upwards or downwards. Seasonality doesn’t attempt to identify why a stock moves at a particular time of year, just that it does and does so consistently.

What is seasonal sales?

Seasonality is a fluctuation in sales or profits during the course of a fiscal year. For example, the restaurant industry is somewhat seasonal. Sales for many companies are stronger in summer and fall (the second and third quarter) and are lower in the winter and early spring (the fourth and first quarter).

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