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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is C&C motorcycle seats located?

15146 Downey Ave Paramount, CA 90723 Copyright C & C Motorcycle Seats 2004 - 2019© All Rights Reserved 866.775.2100

What are the most comfortable motorcycle seats?

Ultimate Motorcycle Seats is the manufacturer of the world's most comfortable motorcycle seats.

What are the accessories available at C&C seats?

ACCESSORIES Driver Backrests Banana Trunk Pads / Sissy Bar Pads Passenger Pillions Tank & Fender Bibs Saddle Bag Lid Covers Luggage Racks : Sissy Bars : Hardware C&C Apparel HAND MADE HIGH QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP RIDE IN & RIDE OUT BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 866.775.2100 [email protected] 15146 Downey Ave Paramount, CA 90723

Is the ultimate seat more comfortable than other seats?

Plus my husband is so much more comfortable than on our previous seat as the Ultimate seat had more of a cut-out around his legs than other seats do. We're happy with the new seat and thank you for being so friendly and helpful.

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