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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a seatsaver?

Our SeatSavers are designed to keep dust, dirt, and debris from reaching your seats and shielding them from damaging UV rays that cause them to fade. Covercraft SeatSaver Seat Covers are specially made to install and remove quickly.

Where can I buy seat Savers?

Seat Savers is the best source for automotive protection. Our products are found in thousands of auto, truck dealers and specialty shops across USA. Since 1992 Seat Savers have been manufacturing custom seat covers and other auto interior protection products.

What is the best seatsaver for work trucks?

Polycotton SeatSavers - Our original SeatSaver is still our tried-and-true favorite for work trucks. The heavy-duty polycotton fabric is specially designed to resist tears, repel most spills, and is breathable which is super important for those that work in the heat.

Are Carhartt seatsaver covers washable?

The fit to your vehicle will be the same regardless of the fabric and will include the same features easy/off design, machine washable, and all applicable covers for that row. Carhartt SeatSavers - Are a fan favorite for those that love the Carhartt brand and lifestyle.

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