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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of the Secret Service?

The United States Secret Service has two main duties -- national security protection, mainly for presidents and vice presidents; and federal criminal investigations related to national security threats.

What are the jobs of the Secret Service?

Basic Job Description. The job of a secret service special agent is to protect the president, vice president and their families. Some are also required to protect past presidents and governmental figures who are still in the industry and widely known throughout the world.

Is Secret Service really bankrupt?

Earlier this morning, Americans learned that Secret Service is essentially bankrupt and can no longer afford to protect the President and his family. What Happened? According to reports from CBS News, recurrent travel trips and abundance of individuals in need of protect engendered Secret Service's bankruptcy. For starters, over 1,000 members have reached the peak of financial payments originally intended to last until 2018.

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