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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Connecticut tax ID number?

Click here to start now, or learn more below. Connecticut Federal Tax ID numbers are issued by the IRS in a nine-digit format such as 12-3456789. They uniquely identify your business to the government in the same way that Social Security Numbers do for individuals.

What is the Tax ID number for NC?

How to Get a Tax ID Number in North Carolina. Contact the Corporations Division at 919-807-2225 or see for details. Other business forms, such as sole proprietorships, LLCs, and partnerships do not need to file with the Secretary of State.

What is a state tax exempt ID?

A tax exempt number is a number assigned by a state agency to identify the entity or organization as exempt from state sales taxes (if available). The IRS does not issue any numbers specifically to tax exempt organizations.

What is NC use tax?

The NC use tax only applies to certain purchases. The North Carolina use tax is a special excise tax assessed on property purchased for use in North Carolina in a jurisdiction where a lower (or no) sales tax was collected on the purchase.

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