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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of Securities America advisors?

Founded in 1984, Securities America Advisors functions as a wholly -owned subsidiary of Securities America Financial Corporation (SAFC). SAFC is, in turn, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advisor Group Holdings, Inc. The firm is led by CEO and President Jim Nagengast.

What kind of a company is Securities America?

Securities America is part of Advisor Group, one of the largest networks of independent wealth management firms in the United States, with more than 11,000 affiliated financial professionals.

How to get in touch with Securities America advisors?

However, the firm’s fiduciary duty ensures that each advisor serves clients' best interests. Securities America Advisors offers prospective clients various options for getting in touch. You can either visit one of the firm’s offices, or you can set up an appointment with an advisor by calling the firm over the phone.

What does Securities America do for a living?

At Securities America, we focus on helping financial professionals create a more effective, profitable and satisfying practice by providing exceptional financial counsel, product offerings and service to their clients. Company Info.

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