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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the customer service at Securities America?

The ease of accessibility enhances our customer service by creating a very open-door environment.” “The support we receive from Securities America has been fantastic. Whether it be hiring a new financial professional, commission settlements, licensing or technology, the experiences have been very smooth.”

What is the user ID for Securities America?

Securities America - Logon SECURED BY User ID: Securities America, Inc Member FINRA/SIPC Securities America Advisors, Inc. An SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. AskSAI Feedback Start Over

What does Securities America do for its members?

“Our partnership with Securities America has allowed me to focus on growing our program through building relationships with members. Securities America's expertise, technology and willingness to help have provided the resources to meet our members' financial goals.”

Who are the members of the Securities Service Network?

Securities America is part of Advisor Group, which also includes FSC Securities Corporation, KMS Financial Services, Royal Alliance Associates, SagePoint Financial, Securities Service Network, Triad Advisors and Woodbury Financial Services.

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