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Frequently Asked Questions

What is secsecurities America Financial Corporation?

Securities America Financial Corporation is a financial services holding company. The firm’s financial representatives provide investment and financial planning services including securities and insurance brokerage, as well as asset management. Think of Securities America as the behind-the-scenes support for financial representatives.

How much can you deposit at NFS?

For all eligible accounts at NFS, deposits are held at a network of multiple banks, and insurance is currently a cumulative $2.5 million ($5 million for joint accounts). Funds are swept into deposit accounts at program banks up to a maximum amount per bank (currently $246,500).

Why choose securities America financial advisors?

Our advisors have the best technology, products and services in the financial industry, so they can give you the best possible service. Securities America Financial Corporation and its family of affiliated companies are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of investors.

Is secsecurities America part of Advisor Group?

Securities America is part of Advisor Group, which also includes FSC Securities Corporation, KMS Financial Services, Royal Alliance Associates, SagePoint Financial, Securities Service Network, Triad Advisors and Woodbury Financial Services.

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