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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any law firms in the top 25 law firms?

While most of the law firms listed in the top 25 are familiar, there are a number of firms that are unfamiliar (to me, at least) in the bottom 25. In addition to ranking the plaintiffs’ law firms in terms of total value of settlements, the report also ranks the law firms according to the number of 2018 securities class action lawsuit settlements.

Which law firms settle the most lawsuits?

According to the report’s ranking of the top 50 plaintiffs’ law firms according to the total size of the 2018 settlements in which the firms were involved as lead or co-lead counsel, the top firm is the Pomerantz law firm, with an aggregate total of $3.272 billion in settlements.

What were the largest securities class action settlements of 2018?

This total was largely driven by the massive $3 billion settlement of the U.S. Petrobras securities case, which was by far the largest single securities class action settlement during 2018.

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