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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you contact Amazon Seller?

Contacting an Amazon Seller. If you have an order placed with an Amazon seller, sign in to your Amazon account, click the "Your Account" option, and then select "Your Orders.". Click the "Contact Seller" button next to an order, and then check the radio button next to "An Order I Placed.".

How do you find a seller on Amazon?

Locate these individual merchants much the same way you'd look for any item on the site -- by using the Amazon's search feature. Otherwise, browse the department under which the merchant's products are sold and find the seller's name along the left sidebar.

How do you become a seller on Amazon?

Setup an Amazon Seller Account. To become an Amazon seller you must register yourself on Amazon Seller center and make Amazon seller account. Register yourself on Amazon Seller Account by clicking on start selling. Choose the Type of Account.

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