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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact seller central sign in on Amazon?

Help / Contact Amazon / Seller Central sign in help Verify that you are using the correct email and password combination. If you have more than one Amazon account with the same email address but different passwords, use the corresponding password for each account. Ensure that there are no extra spaces in your password.

What do you have to do to get approval to sell on Amazon?

The approval process may include document requests, performance checks, and other qualifications. Sellers must meet additional qualifications to sell certain brands or list within certain categories on Amazon.

What happens if I Change my Amazon Seller Central password?

Note: If you change your password and are using something other than Seller Central (for example, a SOAP server or the Amazon Merchant Transport Utility) to submit product-related and order-related data, you might need to reconfigure those services with your new password. How do I access my company's Seller Central account?

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