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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Seller Central?

If your company has already registered with Seller Central, your company's account administrator can set up a user account for you. If your company has not signed up to use Seller Central, visit to find out how you can get started. How do I get technical support for my account?

Why is my Seller Central account not working?

Log on to Seller Central using your new email and password combination. If these steps do not resolve the sign-in issue, it is likely that your email and password combination is not associated with an active Seller Central account. If you did not deactivate your account, Contact Us

What to do if you do not receive a code from Seller Central?

If you do not receive a code during registration, check that the phone number is correct, it contains a region code, and that your cell phone can receive SMS text messages. Sign in to use the tool and get personalized help (desktop browser required).

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