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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find help for sellers on Seller Central?

We have consolidated help for sellers into one location on Seller Central. If you are already a seller, sign in to search all of our help content and self-service tools. How do I unify my global accounts?

What do you need to be a seller on Amazon Australia?

If you have an existing seller account with Amazon, you must use a unique email address and storefront name when creating your new account to sell on Ensure that there are no extra spaces in your password. This can happen when you copy and paste your password from somewhere else.

Do you need to create a new seller central account?

Do not create a new Seller Central account. Note: If you change your password and are using something other than Seller Central (for example, a SOAP server or the Amazon Merchant Transport Utility) to submit product-related and order-related data, you might need to reconfigure those services with your new password.

How do I Change my Seller Central password?

If yes, change your password by using the Password Assistance page. Log on to Seller Central using your new email address and password combination. If these steps do not resolve the sign-in issue, it is likely that your email address and password combination is not associated with an active Seller Central account.

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