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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EDI mean for a seller on Amazon?

For many sellers, Amazon is just one place they sell their product, so EDI integration across multiple platforms – Amazon included – is crucial. EDI – or, electronic data interchange – refers to the digital handling of key business documents and communications.

Are there vendor integration solutions for Amazon EDI?

Among many amazing benefits for sellers on their platform, not many know about the process or are too confused by it. As proven experts in Amazon EDI compliance and integration solutions, SEO Brand guarantees easy EDI compliance to any Amazon vendor without the use of costly third party software.

What does invoice EDI 810 do on Amazon?

Invoice EDI 810: Provides all information Amazon needs to pay for the order, including item prices, payment terms, remit to address and so on. Inventory EDI 846: Provides all cost and inventory quantities to be sold to Amazon. Purchase Order EDI 850: Amazon uses this to place orders.

Do you have to be a seller to be on Amazon central?

You are already an Amazon supplier using either Seller Central or Vendor Central portal so determine which platform you are on first. Manual retyping data from and to Amazon takes too much of your labor, money, and time. You are looking for an easy and quick solution for Amazon automation.

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