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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an API for Amazon vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor Central has a new, modern Selling Partner API (SP-API). The new API supports both sellers and vendors alike within a unified platform. Seller Central has had API access under the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) umbrella for years.

What's the difference between Amazon vendor Central and Seller Central?

Unfortunately, the difference with Amazon Vendor Central vs. Seller side has seen vendors stuck with complex Amazon Vendor Central EDI documentation/integrations or worse, manual data entry processing workflows. They recognized the operational, technical, and cost challenges vendors faced with the EDI or manual workflows.

What can vendor APIs do for your business?

The Vendor API will enable the management of retail business operations programmatically through web service integration. Unlike the former EDI integration approach, the new Vendor API is REST-based which is a key differences in supporting a quicker setup process and ongoing operations.

What does Openbridge do for Amazon vendor Central?

Amazon Advertising — For Vendor Central or Seller Central, Openbridge delivers media-related data for Amazon Advertising campaigns across Sponsored Products, Amazon Sponsored Display, and Amazon Sponsored Brands.

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